Lumen Touch and Tesseract Ventures Join Up to Tackle COVID-19 in Schools

Last March, could any of us have foreseen how rapidly schools would be forced to adjust in the months to follow? The pandemic has been a wild roller-coaster ride for every school administrator, teacher, IT director, parent, and student. And just as everyone started to get a handle on distance learning, many states began bringing students back to school. And because schools were under pressure to meet government mandates for data collection, COVID-19 screening, contact tracing, and daily temperature screening checks, providing a safe learning environment for students became harder, not easier. Lumen Touch™ heeded the call from our partner schools to help implement a solution that would work.

Enhancements to Bright CARE

Bright CARE™ is Lumen Touch’s comprehensive student health and medical record management system.  While it can be used as a standalone application, it is also included as part of our student and district management system, Bright STUDENT™. Bright CARE is the only total electronic medical record platform that tracks medical, dental, and behavioral health for students from early childhood through graduation, giving administrators and health staff immediate and historical data in a safe and secure manner. Features include:

  • Comprehensive student medical records management
  • Ability to schedule and track office visits
  • Full immunization tracking, including COVID-19, with state compliance requirements and expirations
  • Medication inventory tracking with automatic expiration notification
  • Medical condition tracking with health alert system
  • Medical insurance (health, dental, etc.), demographic, and emergency contact information
  • Automated Medicaid billing

Tracing, Tracking, and Managing COVID-19 with Lumen Touch Bright CARE

Lumen Touch developers have enhanced Bright CARE to create a system that will monitor students and staff and carry out contact tracing. Compatible with a variety of different thermometers, including GoSafe, schools are better able to meet district and state reporting requirements. Bright CARE’s tools include:

  • Temperature tracking and contact tracing
  • Tracking of COVID-19 testing
  • Monitoring of and alerting on social distancing
  • Summary of medical conditions and injuries
  • District-wide summary of immunization error dates
  • Immunization summary report by type and exemption (to include COVID-19 vaccination)

Partnering with Tesseract

In order to meet the needs of schools as students began returning to their classrooms for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, Lumen Touch partnered with Tesseract Ventures, a fellow Kansas City-based technology company. Using Tesseract’s PRISM™ technology, Lumen Touch can issue badges for students that allow the necessary tracking and tracing information to be collected while prioritizing student safety and privacy by shielding individual data from anyone without proper authorization.

The strategic partnership between Lumen Touch and Tesseract Ventures will continue to provide opportunities for schools to enhance their support of students well beyond the pandemic. Academic progress, medical history, extracurricular achievements, and more, can all be securely tracked and recorded. Students and parents will have access to their secure portfolios to use for future academic and professional goals. Districts will be able to aggregate anonymized group data to make informed decisions regarding curriculum and operations management.

Lumen Touch is excited for what this partnership will bring to schools around the country, both in the short term and as we move beyond the pandemic. To learn more, read our full press release here.

New AI Legislation

Monday brought a surprise to everyone in the tech industry. Through a telephone briefing Donald Trump proposed the idea of signing an executive order that would direct resources and funnel investment into the artificial intelligence sector of the economy. The new title of this order will be Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence. The order will direct agencies to focus resources towards AI, as well as, increasing access to federal information.

This brings up the big question that everyone has been asking, “How are we going to pay for these investments?” As of right now no announcement has been made on how this will be funded. Besides the fact that we do not know where the funding is coming from, we still have a lot of unanswered questions. How will the government re-assign resources to prioritize AI? What is the time frame of the order where we can expect to see results? Who will be responsible for enforcing this order?

Only time will tell what this plan will do for the future of AI. This is a good launching platform for America to take a leadership position in the global Artificial Intelligence Arena.

Facebook/Intel AI Team Up

facebook-intel-AI-chipA new partnership has been created in the world of artificial intelligence. As of January 15th, 2019 Intel and Facebook have entered into a partnership to develop the next big thing in the artificial intelligence world. Facebook has already achieved uses for AI such as tagging people in photos, translation of posts, and filtering content on their site. However, even with these developments that Facebook has already made the partnership chip is far behind one of their biggest competitors in Nvidia.

The new Intel/Facebook chip has set out to develop a cheaper more efficient form of AI capable of revolutionizing machinery in the future. However, these claims are shrouded in mystery. Neither Intel nor Facebook have answered questions about said partnership. There have been no reports of early performance numbers or information about the new AI. Facebook has not addressed any questions about the partnership with Intel. We will see the answer to most of our questions soon however with the Intel/Facebook AI set to be released late in 2019.

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